Recording, February, 2011

Akhter Jahan
Firoz Khan (on Sitar) & Yusouf Khan (on Sarode)
Nuru (santur), Aushit (esraj), Firoz Khan (sitar)
Sheikh Jolil (rubab))
Shahidul Islam (Flute)
Sheikh Jalal (dotara)
Milon Bhattyacharya (tabla)
Munir on Sax
Munir on Western Flute!
Firoz Khan (Sitar)
Alam, multipercussionist!
Salim Ahmed playing Western style on Violin
Nuru on Santur
Salim Haider with his versatile guitar!
Aushit on Esraj: you can listen to him all day!
Robindrinath Paal: hands flying!

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