Folk Songs
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1  My Sweetheart
2  Tell me when you'll be back
3  Can't live without you
4  Where did my sweetheart hide?
5  Let's set sail
6  How long will you keep me waiting?
7  Who plays the flute?
8  The river has no shores
9  Futility of earthy possessions
10  Had i known the boat was leaky
11  Intoxicated by 2 curved eyes
12  Is she a stranger, the one you hurt?
13  Prayer for rain
14  Nightingale's melody haunts me

What Melody Is My Veena Playing?
A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore for his 150th birth anniversary, May 2011
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1  What Melody Is My Veena Playing?
2  Robin Adair
3  All has vanished, Oh, Where is She, here is She?
4  I will not go out in this heady spring breeze
5  Ye Banks & Braes
6  My Heart Wails, 'Alas, Alas'
7  I Hear Your Footsteps, My Lord
8  Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
9  How can I reveal how much I love Thee
10  Go Where Glory Waits Thee
11  Oh, Kind Lord
12  Auld Lang Syne
13  Those Good old Days
14  I will not bewitch you with beauty, but with love.

1  She steals My Heart
2  Come To Me One More Time   
3  He Promised But Never Came   
4  Arrival of The Prophet
5  The Beautiful Dancer   
6  When Will I See You Again?   
7  Jhumur Love Song Dance   
8  In Search of The Saviour
9  I Hear His Flute In My Dream   
10  Allahu   06:28
This was a journey that followed diverse paths, ultimately leading to the same destination as all journeys: ‘fulfilment’. This journey, assisted by the Australia Council and ArtsSA, began in February 2006, in a Studio, ‘Audio Art’, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It reached its conclusion in May 2010, in a Studio in Adelaide, ‘Q, The Music’. The project objectives were to produce a CD of original interpretations of timeless classic compositions and folk songs of Bangladesh, blending North Indian and Western Music systems. Originality in my mind translates into pushing boundaries and expanding mental horizons. My selection of songs was influenced by audience accessibility combined with my own need for musical challenges and experimental windows. The reason for the diversity in time and place is material for a short story. Briefly, health reasons led to the delay of the project, which in turn led to the diversity in musical arrangements. My gratitude to the Australia Council and ArtsSA for pushing their boundaries as well, in order to accommodate the unplanned slowing down of the project. The upside of the delay was maturity of the concepts and unexpected meeting of musical minds, with magical outcomes.

Key Participants

Akhter Jahan: Artistic Director/Musical Arranger, Producer, Lead Singer, Vocal Supports, Tanpura, Shoormondol, Ghungur (Ankle bells), Shakers.
Llew Kiek: Production Advisor.
Quentin Eyers: Studio Director/Engineer, Co-Musical Arranger, Assistant Producer; Multi-Instrumentalist: Guitar: (classical, steel string, 12 string, slide); Fretless Bass, Dulcima, Mandolin, Piano, brushes, cymbals, virtual Dilruba, Dotara, Vocal Support, Didgerido.
Azad Mintu: Co-ordinator, Dhaka Musicians.
Badshah: Sound Engineer, Audio Art.
Rob Transini: Sound Engineer, Industry Studio.
Emma Hilditch: Graphic Designer

Other Participants by Instruments

Tabla: Milan Dhaka; Tarlochan (Bobby) Singh Sydney
Sarode: Yousuf Khan Dhaka
Sitar: Firoz Khan Dhaka
Bass Guitar: Tanim Dhaka
Santoor: Keith Preston Adelaide
Guitar: Salim Haidar Dhaka
Flute: Sylvan (Schmo) Elhay Adelaide;
Bari Siddiqui Dhaka
Saxophone-Tenor: Sylvan (Schmo) Elhay Adelaide
Saxophone-Alto: Vashti Adelaide
Violin: Almas Dhaka; Emma Luker Adelaide
Vocal Unison support (track #10):
Modhumita Biswas, Rima Rakshit, Priya Ghoshal.

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Price: $20.00 plus $2.00 for postage handling.

Mystical Melodies
Alaap (Introduction)
Naach, Moiyuri (Dance, Peacock)   
Shukno Pataar (The Whirlwinds)
Rumo Jhum (Here Comes My Lord)   
Noor Jahan (Eternal Love)   
Allah Megh Day (Prayer For Rain)   
Dur Deepo Baashini (The Girl From The Distant Islands)
Krishnoji (God of Love)   
Dhiko, Moishal (hame. My Friend)
Introduction (Alaap)
Dance. Peacock (Naach, Moiyuri)
The Whirlwinds (Shukno Pataar)
Dance-Prayer for Rain (Ajjah, Megb Day)
Eternal Love (Noor Jahan)
Oh, Lord of Madina (Modina Bashi)   
Shame. My Friend (Dhiko, Moishal)   
Give My Heart Back (Amaar Mon Phiriay Dao)   
God of Love (Krishnoji)
To Be (CD Theme)
Twin-CD album, released at WOMADelaide, 05. Music of Life in Bangaldesh

Price: $12.00+$2.00 for postage handling

Sharthoko Johnom Amahr
1  Shahrthok Jonom Ahmahr   
2  Jodi Ahmahr Rhidoy Duahr
3  Tahr Hahtay Chhilo
4  Ahmi Tomahr Shonahbo
5  Tomahy Gahn, Shonahbo
6  Ahnondo Dhahrah   
7  Dnahrai Ahmahr Ahnkhiro Ahgay
8  Grahm Chhahrah Oi   
9  Hriboyer Elud Okid   
10  Bimolo Ahnonbay
11  Ahro Ektu Bosho
12  Ogo Torah Kay
Tagore Songs (Songs of Robindronath Tagore)
This is Akhter's 2003 Album, "Sharthok Johnom Ahmaar" (Blessed is my Life), with songs of Tagore (Robindronath Thakur, one of the Cultural Icons of Bengal, and a Nobel Prize Winner). The songs are based on rich lyrics of patriotism and love. This album is for lovers of pure sounds. This album is for lovers of pure sounds. The style of singing and instrumental arrangements on this album are very traditional, all recorded in Bangladesh, with some extra instruments and digital effects added in Adelaide. The CD is a compilation of Radio and LP recordings done over the years.

A Review (Ian Paulin, indi-cds.com):

"The enthralling contour of Akhter’s life is woven into a wonderfully complex yet contemplative montage of pieces. Where to bond between the performers, her voice and the sense of place and journey are captivating.

I found myself transported by this CD. I think the gesture is intentional as the playing is fulsome, precise and riddled with a presence. There is a contented longing in this music, nothing overdone and yet gently compelling. Trained in East and West Pakistan classical Indian music Akhter has a wonderful range and control that fathoms the complex labyrinth of musical lines. The listener can easily side-step the issue of language because the sense of passage and narrative in each “song” is so clear. There are current tones and sounds, which lift the arrangements at the right moment. David Kotlowy has sensed the mood of Akhter's music and his guitar playing shows beautiful empathy. This CD represents an intensely emotional collaboration of 15 years, which reveals a culture, a literature, and a great voice within the haunting mystery of a soul seeking to sing its home in a new land."

Price: $8.00+$2.00 for postage handling.

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